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Mineralogical occurrences of precious opal are relatively common. But commercially mineable accumulations (deposits) are known only from a few places. Červenica-Dubník is one of them.  


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Precious opal in the locality drew attention of many

illegal diggers as well as legal entrepreneurs contracted with the state, who became forever an inseparable part of a remarkable story.


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Mining of the gems at Dubník was very difficult

because they occur there extremely irregularly. When they finally came to the light, they had to be extracted with the highest circumspection.  


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Libanka mine is the largest and probably the oldest opal mine in the world.

The history and a scale of the mining works, both on the surface and in the underground, is astonishing.


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Šimonka mine, although much smaller, still the more intimate and secret "sister" of the Libanka mine.

A story tells that beautiful black opals were unearthed here. It seems to be the truth.


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In the area named Dubník was founded

a dwelling-administrative centre of the enterprise.

The field of the same name is there, too.

Here you find a bit more about it.


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